Illness is created in the mind – health also…

If we feel deeply into our lives, we will most likely come to the conclusion that most of what makes up our lives we ourselves have decided, created and done through our will and inner conviction.

So it also becomes clear that we really create our happiness, our joy, our frustration and also our illnesses ourselves.

We make ourselves ill, not only through food, but above all through our thoughts.

“It is not what enters the body that makes it sick, but what comes out of it.

For example, we use illness to get attention.

We smoke and wonder when we get cancer.

We eat animals and fat and wonder that the arteries calcify.

We spend long periods of our lives in anger and rage and wonder if we get gallstones or a heart attack.

We compete mercilessly and under great stress and wonder when a stroke knocks us down.

Worrying is one of the biggest causes of illness. We worry to death!

Worrying and worrying are pointless, wasted mental energy. They lead to digestive problems and even cardiac arrest.

Fear is an increased worry and manifests itself in the body as a symptom. Fear and anxiety thoughts always have something to do with the future – never with the present.

Hate poisons the body and its effects can be irreversible.

All our negative feelings, like worry, hate, fear, bitterness, impatience, greed, unfriendliness, tendency to negative criticism and condemnation etc. all attack our body.

It is impossible to have a healthy body under all these conditions.

What does illness mean?

Paracelsus recognized:

“The imagination is the cause of many diseases – the faith, the conviction, but the healing of all diseases.”

Diseases initiate steps of development and give us the opportunity to correct possible misconduct. They give us time to think about ourselves and our lives. Diseases are a cry of the inner self, the soul and make us aware that something in our life is no longer right. From time to time it makes sense to self-critically examine our behaviour, our views of life, our motives for our actions.

A person’s aim in life is to fulfil his life’s task and to live in harmony with his inner being. When the Self realizes that life is a dead end without a way out, it withdraws the life-giving energies and the body becomes ill. If this leads to a permanent state, the body is likely to die. The goal of overcoming any illness is inner self-realization, finding one’s own identity. Because our being is in us, in every cell of our body. Psychological and physical problems are nothing but clues – necessary detours to find one’s true destiny.

Through illness, life wants to lead us back to our task in life. Why is this so? Because every illness teaches us something decisive. Suffering makes us conscious and out of the conscious I can learn to act differently again. For example, being more grateful again – seeing the gifts of life and appreciating them.

Instead of just standing up carelessly, we could, for example, greet our organs in the morning and thank them for their selfless service: brain, lung, heart, liver, stomach, kidney, etc. We could promise them that throughout the day we will think of them again and again and that we will BE JOY about them. The body lives through the soul. The soul lives through what I personally call life or God. If we separate from the origin, we become ill – just as a machine that is disconnected from the net cannot run.

Without love and without connection to the meaning of my life it is difficult to find healing – no matter how sophisticated the technical means may be – from my point of view there is only delay.

What about contagious diseases?

Nothing happens in our lives that does not first exist as a thought. Our negative thinking, like for example my mother had cancer, it lies in the family….. I am a loser…. my life is a constant failure….. I am tired of it…. All these thoughts set a tremendous force in motion. So it’s no wonder that we then get a cold or worse.

It is the effects of negative thinking. It requires the activation of an extraordinary belief in the positive power of one’s self-confidence and the universe to eliminate these negative results.

Healers often have this belief. They know that we are always holistic, perfect and complete. It is faith that can move mountains. Healers can often help the sick over great distances, because thoughts do not know distance.

Our mind is often eaten away by negative thoughts and we cherish and cultivate this behaviour and wonder why our body is not healthy. We could heal many of our illnesses by getting used to a different way of thinking and by being prepared to courageously put our inner insights into practice in a lived life.

Self-love – to what extent do we really love our body? Do we accept, do we love its appearance? To what extent is our nutrition really optimal for us? Is caring for ourselves only activated when our body has a symptom? Do we perhaps care more about our material possessions and things?

Our body will radiate more health if we care for it attentively and with love. We need a positive outlook on life, a strong will to live, goals that give us joy in order to be healthy in the long run and to stay healthy.