The Horizon Art Studio

Harlem Horizon Art Studio

The Harlem Horizon Art Studio at Harlem Hospital Center offers art therapy for pediatric inpatients who suffer trauma, as well as for outpatients and community members of all ages. For more than 20 years, the studio has encouraged participants to express themselves by making art. The studio does not offer formal art instruction; instead, participants are encouraged to draw and paint freely and develop their personal artistic styles.

In the Beginning by Abraham Daniel, painted at the Harlem Horizon Art Studio, Harlem Hospital Center.

No one embodies the significant impact of the Harlem Horizon Art Studio better than Abraham Daniel. When Daniel was just nine years old, he fell from a three-story scaffold. He broke his spine and slipped into a coma. He was comatose for 33 days and when he woke up, he was bound to a wheelchair. During his recovery, Daniel turned to art and became one of the first patients to use the art studio. One day, while struggling to reach the top of his canvas to finish a painting, Daniel challenged himself to get up from the wheelchair. With hard work and the combination of physical and art therapy, he traded the wheelchair for a cane. Today, Daniel is still a part of the art studio, working with other victims of trauma and continuing to paint.

The studio was established in 1989 as part of Harlem Hospital’s Injury Prevention Program. Today, the space accommodates 15-20 participants per session. Patients’ work is displayed in the hospital and has also been displayed at galleries throughout the northeastern part of the country.

Programs and Clinical Inititatives

NYC Health + Hospitals patients experience significant barriers to care such as lack of: English proficiency, insurance, legal status, time, and social support.


The Flip Side of the Chart

Care Coordinators take part in a Big Apple Circus workshop that uses the skills of its professional performers to reinforce patient relations skills through humor and play.


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