Music and Memory

Music has the power to transform. Music has the power to connect. Music has the power to heal. 

Of course you already know and live that truth. So do countless patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive loss who are given the opportunity to reconnect with the world through music. 

Music and Memory, a signature program of The Fund for NYC Health + Hospitals that is being replicated throughout the country, tailors playlists to each patient’s past, triggering powerful memories and helping people re-establish meaningful connections – with themselves and with loved ones. Research shows that music enhances their cognitive functioning, increases socialization, improves memory retrieval, relieves pain and anxiety, and reduces reliance on medication.


You can help bring the life-changing power of music into patients’ lives by making a contribution to NYC Health + Hospitals’ Music and Memory program by clicking the DONATE button on the right-hand side of this page. 
Here is what your donation can do…

$50.00 – purchases one iPod Shuffle

$100.00 – purchases two iPod Shuffles

$500.00 – purchases five iPod Shuffles

$750.00 – covers training fees for new staff for one year

$1,000.00 – purchases installation of WiFi hotspots in our facilities to help with ease of downloads

$5,000.00 – purchases the entire suite of start-up hardware and materials for one unit of 10 patients/residents for one year (iPods, docks, headphones, charging stations, and storage)

$10,000.00 – supports the expansion of our cutting-edge pilot programming that brings Music & Memory to hospital-affiliated Senior Centers

$25,000.00 – supports our Music & Memory “Live” series that brings musical artists to our health care facilities to engage patients in a jam session

$50,000.00 – supports the expansion of our cutting-edge pilot programming that brings Music & Memory into behavioral health settings

$75,000.00 – supports the scientific research that ensures the program continues to maximize the impact on the lives of our patients

$100,00.00 – supports full underwriting support and naming rights of our Technology Pilot, which will evolve the Music & Memory program by creating state-of-the-art listening spaces wired for streaming and enhanced program delivery. 

Please click the DONATE button to contribute now, but for more information on NYC Health + Hospitals’ Music & Memory program, or to learn how to get more involved, please email Christina Powell or call her at 646-694-6529.

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