Guns Down, Life Up at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem

Harlem staff are actively involved in efforts to raise awareness and reduce gun violence in the community.

NYC Health + Hospitals /Harlem’s social empowerment component, which is part of its Injury Prevention Program (described below), is Six Winners, an intergenerational mentoring program focused on Black and Latino males ages 13 to 24. Trained mentors teach young men specific skills to help them develop personal goals and enhance their self-sufficiency by working with them on strategies to achieve those goals. The program includes counseling, social skills development, preparation for the workplace, and understanding of fatherhood responsibilities. Six Winners' Cure Violence partner is Mission Society / Operation SNUG.  

Harlem Hospital Injury Prevention Program

The NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem Injury Prevention Program (HHIPP) was one of the first of its kind when it was created nearly 25 years ago. Initially, HHIPP focused on preventing injuries that occurred in New York City playgrounds by utilizing techniques and materials that are now standard in most parks and playgrounds across the country.

HHIPP continues to adapt to community needs in innovative ways. Today, HHIPP provides young people with positive and engaging alternatives to violence and high-risk behaviors.

Staff and volunteers provide guidance and positive role models through mentorship.

Go to High School, Go to College is a youth development program to support a successful transition from adolescence to manhood for young men. The program includes career counseling and guest speakers, life and survival skills, public speaking and etiquette courses, and pregnancy prevention for young men.

HHIPP also offers programs in the arts including Unity Through Murals and the Dance Leadership Program.

Harlem Horizon Art Studio

For more than 20 years, the studio has encouraged participants to express themselves by making art. The studio does not offer formal art instruction; instead, participants are encouraged to draw and paint freely and develop their personal artistic styles.

Estabished in 1989 as part of HHIPP, the space accommodates 15-20 participants per session. Patients' work is displayed in the hospital and has also been displayed at galleries throughout the Northeast. 

Through participation in all HHIPP programs, young men are exposed to positive and constructive activities, decreasing the time, energy, or desire they might have to hurt themselves or others. By extension, this will reduce gun and other traumatic violence in the Harlem Community and ultimately foster good citizenship.

HHC’s Global Ambassador pitches in to help New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy

In his role as Global Ambassador, Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean is helping The Fund for HHC establish HHC’s “Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” with donations going to the communities we serve.


The Fund for HHC launches Hurricane Relief Fund

With Hurricane Sandy behind us, the real work of putting New York City back together begins in earnest. HHC will continue to be at the forefront -- in our facilities and surrounding neighborhoods. Join The Fund for HHC in our Hurricane Relief effort – helping the communities served by HHC.


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