Arts and Healing

Evidence indicates that participation in or exposure to the arts reduces pain, improves quality of life, and helps caregivers too. NYC Health + Hospitals  has a variety of programs to expand the use of the arts in healing.

Music & Memory

Music & Memory (M&M) is a non-profit organization under the direction of Dan Cohen that brings personalized, digitized music selections to patients or residents with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other cognitive loss. STORY

Flip Side of the Chart

What can you expect from a workshop run by a clown? About a dozen care coordinators from different NYC Health + Hospitals  facilities recently found out by attending an educational session led by Michael Leo, a Big Apple Circus clown. STORY

Rx Art Partnership

NYC Health + Hospitals believes that art and artistic activities have aesthetic, therapeutic and prescriptive value for patients, staff, visitors, and the community. Art in a variety of forms, can improve the patient experience, impact outcomes of patient care, and make the environment more pleasant for those waiting for appointments or visiting family members. STORY

The Fund Internal Grant (FIG) Program

This corporate-wide, internal grant program offers support for eligible programs and initiatives.  The Fund's grants can help more of NYC Health + Hospitals' innovative ideas become a reality.


Gun Violence Reduction

Nationally, homicide is the second leading cause of death among young people. In New York City, gun violence is an alarming public health problem.


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